I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing and working with Louise Osbourne for the last seven years. While she has always been honest, reliable and seriously dedicated to her craft, Louise has retained her great sense of humour and lightness of touch. Her seeming effortlessness, combined with her fierce commitment, has drawn high praise from everyone she has worked with that I know. I would be delighted to recommend her class to anyone.

VINNY MURPHY, THE SCREEN PROJECT, Original creator of acting for screen in Dublin


Acting For Screen has been established by Louise Osbourne, an Irish actor, writer and producer who has lived in Los Angeles, Dublin and now resides in Birmingham.

Louise trained at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Los Angeles, and Acting For Screen, Dublin. She has worked in front of the camera with such luminaries as Eddie Murphy, Patrick Bergin, Angela Landsbury and Jenna Elfman, and has featured in Murder She Wrote, Dharma & Greg, American Sweethearts and The Clinic as well as numerous TV commercials. She has also worked behind the camera crewing on many Hollywood Blockbusters and major US TV shows, as well as gaining producers credits for productions in Ireland.

Here’s why Louise has set up Acting For Screen:

“Before moving back to my home town Dublin, I lived and worked in Los Angeles for ten years where I worked with some amazing actors from Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton to Matthew McConaughey, Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones. The one thing I noticed watching them on set, is no matter how many years they have been doing big blockbusters and getting paid millions of dollars or even how many Oscars they have, the first day or week of shooting they are nervous that they won't be believable. What I learnt most from working with major Hollywood stars is that being an actor is just like being a musician or an athlete you must practice your craft constantly otherwise you’ll go rusty and when that big audition comes your way you’ll fluff it!

In 2003 I started attending Acting For Screen classes in Dublin with a great Irish director and coach Vinny Murphy. I trained for 7 years under Vinny until I moved to Birmingham in 2011 only stopping to shoot two features, and have two babies.

In Birmingham I was shocked to discover no such class existed so with huge encouragement and guidance from Vinny Murphy I have set up my own class. So come grow and learn on screen with me."