Acting For Screen is THE course in the Midlands for aspiring actors. Intended to push actors of all experience levels, this course is 3 months dedicated to honing the craft of screen acting. Louise does a fantastic job of providing a professional environment within which actors can peer review performances, from action to ad lib. The course provides a real distillation of what it means to act on screen, think you know it all, think again. This course really pushed my acting skills, and I thoroughly recommend it.



The 12 week 'Term Course' runs throughout the year following similar dates to the school calendar.

Depending on demand we may be running two 'Term Courses', one for twelve weeks and a second for six weeks once the twelve week one is booked up, or two twelve week courses. The 12 week course will have a one week break for half-term.

Classes will run from 7pm to 10pm with a 15 minute break every Tuesday and Wednesday. A typical class starts with a range of warm up exercises to relax the body and mind, and allow you to focus your creative energy.

This will be followed by improvisation scenarios where the group is filmed and later critiqued. Improvisation to camera is a fantastic way act freely without getting caught up in lines. The goal, of course, is to become so comfortable you forget the camera is there.

This will be followed by Script work, which is key to any audition or part. You will have an opportunity to work individually or in groups to learn lines and perform to camera. If you have an audition in the pipeline we can practice with you to give you the confidence to succeed!

Finally we will watch the footage of the evening and will critique the work of the class as a group. This is a great way to see your own work and improve your Acting For Screen. I will also be sending you all the clips of the work you have done the previous week and some of my actors have used this clips to get agents and work.

For private one to one coaching contact Karin Heslop at




Term Dates:

Autumn Term:
Wed 13th September to 6th Dec 2023


Spring Term:
Wed 10th Jan to 3rd April 2024


Summer Term:
Wed 17th April to 17th July 2024