I did Louise's acting for screen course in sept 2014. I loved the idea of watching back your performance immediately to analyse what worked and what maybe didn't. There were all levels of expertise in the class and each week we were given the chance to work with a different person. This was great as it gives you a sense of who you work well with. Louise was so helpful and constructive and genuinely wanted people to learn their craft to hopefully go on and do well within the industry. Since going to Louise's class I won 2015 Tri Force Monologue Slam which took place at The REP in Birmingham and now have an agent. I have also kept in contact with many fellow actors that took the course. I would recommend to anyone just wanting to give acting a go or someone already in the industry wanting to sharpen their craft.


Wednesday evenings have been the highlight of my week over the last few months. The class was just what I was looking for and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere that you created was perfect for learning and growing as an actor and a human being. I got a deeper insight about myself and the screen acting world. I had previously been to a few auditions, however I felt quite uncomfortable and nervous in front of the camera. That has totally changed now and I'm actually looking forward to auditioning. I found that the way you conducted this class is really different from other acting workshops that I've attended. It was a very friendly, supporting and open environment which I shall miss greatly.



2 x bafta winning director Michael Clifford who has created nearly 200 actor showreels to date.

Professional crew with film and tv credits.

Showreels delivered ready to upload to Spotlight and other recognised sites.

Casting process and consultancy included with Louise Osbourne who has worked in LA with Oscar winning actors.

Inclusion of actors previous material.

£250 + VAT